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Charlie the Ant: The Adventures Begin is a story for all ages (but particularly late elementary and all middle schoolers) about an ant who discovers he can talk to humans. It is a story about friendship, survival, curiosity, community and resilience— all of which are needed at this time.

That’s why we are posting one chapter a week on this website for families to download and discover the warmth, adventures and humor of Charlie the Ant. The downloads are FREE and we are even including family discussion questions at the end of each chapter to inspire curiosity, creativity and connection as we all live through this trying time. 

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if you feel inspired...

If you feel inspired by the Charlie the Ant journey, we ask that you consider donating to No Kid Hungry — a charity dedicated to making sure that children in America receive the food they need. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has left many children food insecure since their primary means of regular meals was through school, and food banks are now low on supplies. Please consider making a small donation. No amount is too small and every amount appreciated. 

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  1. In a time where we are so disconnected, boy do we need the warmth, humor and connection of Charlie the Ant. What a beautiful story about resilience and survival. A MUST READ.

  2. Thank you! Excellent tool for teachers.
    We need a fun and creative.way to navigate the uncertain journey ahead.

  3. Excited to read more!
    Charlie is adorable and we love that he uses words like barfed and spewed.

  4. I adore Charlie & his story. So perfectly relatable, not only in his adventures traveling through life, but in how he speaks a language that Is Truly inviting & provides a certain extra special comfort:)

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