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chris parrott

the author

Why I wrote Charlie
Charlie the Ant was written in honor of my father who used to tell my brother and me Charlie the Ant stories on long car rides. I always loved the cleverness and magical nature of the stories. I hope that this Charlie the Ant story captures your family’s imagination like my father’s stories captured mine.

A bit about my career
I graduated from Dartmouth College and then went on to gain my MSc and Post-MSc in counseling psychology at the City University of London. This earned me the title of a BPS Chartered Counseling Psychologist. Back in the United States, I co-founded Your Self Series an SEL teen identity development program implemented in schools across the United States. Its free website offers information on over 60 different teen topics. 
I also run a parenting blog with Dr. Susan Bauerfeld called where you can find weekly tips, strategies, resources and guidelines for living and parenting well in the modern world. It’s a free resource designed for parents striving to raise resilient, mindful, kind and successful children in a world filled with screens. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 
A little bit about the joy in my life
I am a wife of over 25 years and still madly in love. I have one daughter and one son, who inspire me everyday to love, laugh and be grateful. I live in Westchester NY where I am co-captain of a women’s soccer team filled with extraordinary women and am blessed to have friends in my life who are my family. You can thank them all for Charlie the Ant, as without their encouragement I would not have had the courage to post it for the public.

caitlyn conetta

the illustrator

I am a Junior at the University of California, Los Angeles. I am loving my course of study in Communications and Global Studies. Outside of school I am Philanthropy Director of my sorority, and a middle school tutor. 

Things that make me happy are my family, friends, my dogs, tanning at the beach, hiking outside, and baking. 

I have been a creator and lover of art since I was little, so I’m very happy I get to contribute to this book, and more importantly to a great and important cause.